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Pueblo de Amós Church, the powerful works of the Holy Spirit, was founded by Prophet Amós in 1972, in the island of Puerto Rico.  Prophet Amós was an untiring spiritual and holy fighter that dedicated his life to the ministry of saving souls.  Every step he took he left trails of love, and purity.  But, before founding this glorious and powerful work of the Holy Spirit, the trajectory of Prophet Amós' life was already full of great spiritual victories.

Prophet Amós was born on February 3rd, 1919, in Pajonal, a county of the municipality of Florida, located close to the north coast of Puerto Rico.  His father was a farmer and his mother, a housewife.  His parents were humble and possessed great human sensibility.  Since his early childhood Prophet Amós excelled in every aspect of school work, and was beloved by his teachers and classmates.  Since his early youth Prophet Amós tirelessly helped his parents and siblings to ensure they always had something to eat.

At the age of eighteen a spiritual restlessness woke up in him.  He wanted to preach the word of our Lord for those who were hopeless and needed a reason to fight in life.   He began the evangelization in the city of Santurce, Puerto Rico in the year 1937.  From that moment serving God was his goal. Many people were transformed by listening to Him preach the gospel.  He faced, with courage and effort, the great sacrifices that He had to do to bring the word of God to the humble and needy.  Thanks to his dedication many brothers and sisters were able to resolve the multiple problems they had in their lives. 

During His pilgrimage, Amós visited all the cities of Puerto Rico including the municipality islands of Vieques and Culebra.  He also visited the United States Virgin Islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix.  He brought the message of salvation to all the people he found in his path.  On many occasions, He did not have anything to eat or where to sleep, but that was not an obstacle to continue His mission on Earth. 

In 1948, He moved to New York City to begin the evangelization of the Hispanic communities of different nationalities that lived in this major city. His work was hard, even facing the inclemency of the weather.  However, as always, Amós continued forward as a brave warrior.  He felt immense satisfaction when He saw the transformation of those people who accepted the new birth of Christ.  Amós worked for many years preaching the word of God among Puerto Rico, New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Chicago.

In 1974, He visited for the first time the country of El Salvador in Central America.  His pilgrimage to El Salvador was precisely before the beginning of a bloody and painful civil war. On multiple occasions Prophet Amós risked his own life to go to the most remote places of that country to bring hope and a ray of life to those who cried in need of hearing the word of God.  On one occasion, several soldiers told him with bitterness:  "We are messengers of death, and you are a Messenger of light".  Today, there are more than twenty congregations located in the main cities, such as:  San Salvador, San Vicente, Cojutepeque, Ahuachapán, La Corriente de Alegría, Tapalhuaca, Jiquilisco, Sonsonate, Chalchuapa, Jujutla, among others.

Between the years 1975 to 1980, he made three journeys to Spain.  The virtue of the divine message that was provided by our beloved Prophet Amós stayed in the hearts and souls of all the people that received and accepted Amós in that country.

In 1980, our beloved Patriarch Amós arrived to Guatemala.  In 1982, he visited Honduras, where there are congregations in diverse cities, such as: San Pedro Sula, Rio Lindo, Comayagüela, Sigüatepeque, and in Tegucigalpa, capital city of the country.  Four years later, in 1986, He went to Costa Rica for the first time.  He brought His message of hope and unity to these countries as it is mentioned in the Bible.  It was the courage and sacrifice of our Patriarch Amós that made it possible for thousands of grateful and transformed souls embrace this glorious church of the Holy Spirit in Central America.

The last Central American country that was visited by our Patriarch Amós to initiate our holy church was Nicaragua.  The distress of the war and poverty left trails that marked the lives of the Nicaraguan people.  Through the gospel preached by our Patriarch Amós, these people received consolation, peace in their lives, and an incentive to continue forward. 

In 1990, our beloved Amós arrived for the first time to spread the divine message of our church to Mexico.  Today, Pueblo de Amós Church has temples in many cities in Mexico, such as: Tijuana, Zacatecas, Guadalajara, San Luis de Potosí, and Río Grande. 

In the year 1991, Pueblo de Amós Church, the powerful works of the Holy Spirit bought a 14 "acres" farm located at Road 956, Kilometer 2.5 Interior, Guzmán Abajo Ward in Río Grande, Puerto Rico.  Two parts of the farm is bordered by the Río Grande bank.  From the moment in which the property was acquired, it was His wish to convert the farm into a spiritual haven, a place that would serve as a refuge to the flora and fauna in danger of extinction.

With the assistance from the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, that dream became a rewarding reality.  The land was divided into parcels, each one containing forty to eighty trees, such as: mahogany, teak, and a variety of other wood trees.  Today, there are hundreds of trees that exist on the farm.  Almost every family of the congregation is in charge of their designated parcel and they are dedicated to taking care of the trees and land.  Now, we see those trees gallantly erected, housing in their branches birds that with their glorious songs fill our hearts with great satisfaction knowing Prophet Amós' hard work was not in vain.

This is how, Prophet Amós taught us to love nature, life, and to nurture family unity.  Today, flowers and fruit trees also surround the forest and we emphasize to our youth to continue working enthusiastically for the preservation of nature.  Pueblo de Amós Church, encouraged by the love that Prophet Amós felt for this farm, has turned into a guardian of the farm that includes the bank of "Río Grande" river and its right of way easements.  We want ensure that the people who use this natural resource love and conserve it without damaging the flora and fauna.

In Río Grande, Puerto Rico Prophet Amós worked his spiritual ministry with intensity, and today, there are hundreds of citizens of this great city that have joined this marvelous church inspired by the Word of salvation preached by this so honorable and distinguished man of God. Today, thanks to His effort, the church has erected as a lighthouse for the town of Río Grande.  In this little corner of road 956 of this great city is located "La Fortaleza la Senda Antigua", (Ancient Path Fortress), name given by our beloved Prophet Amós to this marvelous farm.   We wish to preserve his patrimony and that His ministerial work remain in the hearts of the good citizens of Río Grande and the entire world.

Prophet Amós' humbleness always distinguished him.  His patience to help mankind was an example for everyone.  His voice and presence were the solution for multiple problems in every country he arrived.  How many people were living without any hope of salvation lost in the world, in sin!  Prophet Amós arrived to their lives and the great miracle of transformation occurred.  Now they are happy souls that testify the great works and wonders that Prophet Amós has made in their lives.  Amós had a great commitment with God.  He was a paladin of fighters, brave and full of energy that brought light to all the ones who were in darkness.  Amós met his heavenly mission on Earth ...to save the souls.

On May 11th, 2007, this distinguished man of God was called to His heavenly throne to celebrate His victory.  There was joy among all the saints and souls that he Himself won all along his journey through this earthly life.

We have the certainty that the Holy Spirit that lived in His holy body continues living amongst us.  The evidence that He is with us never stops because we continue receiving answers to our prayers asked for in His holy name.  We have had news from people who do not belong to this Church that have seen and heard Him in person. All these things happenings are living proof which confirms to us that his Holy Spirit will continue with us for centuries and centuries. Amen.

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