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Prophet Amós, April 1990

I was called and anointed by the Holy Spirit seventy (70) years ago for the holy ministry to preach the gospel.  It is the very same gospel that was preached by Jesus Christ, his apostles and the prophets before them. During all this time, almost my entire life, I have dedicated all my efforts, with all the strength of my heart, to try to rescue mankind from evil, delinquency and injustice.  Thousands of souls that have heard and obeyed the voice of God, through me, have benefited from that great treasure of being able to understand that it is their God who speaks to them and they bless the moment they met me. It is constantly confirmed to me by letters, personally, or by telephone calls.

Not everything is as easy as a walk in the park for the holy man that assumes the responsibility of trying to convert man from the errors of his ways.  The one who carries the word of the Holy Spirit constantly battles against injustice, deceit, evil, and anyone who is opposed to the work of the justice of God.

That is why, as Peter said, “It is a stumbling stone and a rock of scandal.” 1 Peter 2:8.  It is a stone of scandal for those who stumble with the word of the Lord by being disobedient.  And those who stumble against the Holy Spirit of God refusing to hear His truth and justice, are the ones who cause scandals and blasphemy against Him. Therefore, God himself turns into a stumbling stone and a rock of scandal. Hence, there is nothing more natural than the Holy Man who carries the divine seed to suffer the anguish and pain.

Since ancient times it was written in Psalms that only those who sowed with tears shall reap with joy.  For Him who carries the precious seed shall walk and cry, Psalms 126.  Jesus said: “Woe to you when all men speak well of you”…Luke 6:26.

Therefore, in the middle of the anguish and pain that is caused by the defiance and injustice of the unspiritual man, I deeply rejoice in the profoundness of my conscious and in my heart when I witness in myself what was written.  Blessed is the man, that because of God, is discredited and persecuted and subsequently allows for that purpose all evil and lies said against Him.  It is said in Matthew 5:12, “Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

Those who Paul called “heroes of the faith”, walked from here to there; poor, anguished and mistreated; covered in sheep and goat skin; lost in the caves, hills and deserts. They were persecuted and mistreated, and were so holy, just and pure that the world was not worthy of them: Hebrews 11:32-38.  At the same time, they said Paul was destructive… Acts 24:5

No one knows man better than himself.  Because only he, in his spirit, knows what he feels, thinks, and wishes to do.  Paul said that no one knows the acts of man but his own spirit within himself.

To me, Amós, nobody knows me better than myself.  I do know who I am.  I know what I have felt, worked and thought since I was a child, since I had use of reason, and the things God has revealed to me.  How I have felt the strength and the power of the Holy Spirit inside me!  How I have pleaded, prayed, stood firm and fought this great battle of faith, fighting against the sin of man and his injustices.  Enduring and resisting mockery and blasphemies of the prejudiced and ignorant man that does not fear, not even the highest power, due to his own turbulence and confusion in which he lives in because he has ignored all spiritual things.

How many powerful revelations God has given me since my early childhood, paving the road of my life. Mankind was created to be the temple, home, and dwelling, of the Holy Spirit.  That and only that is what I wanted to be since God began to reveal to me through His holy word and Spirit.  I did not have any other aspirations, not politics or riches. Ever since my early childhood, I understood what my absolute vocation was: to dedicate my mind, heart, body, and soul to God, therefore God making me his temple, his home, his dwelling.  I found wise and beautiful Eliseo’s request to Elías (Elijah); where he requests from Elijah a double portion of his spirit, and this petition was granted to him.

When I was a child, I asked myself, why not me, why wouldn’t the same petition be granted onto me?  If that was what I wanted and desired as my only vocation on earth; the feeling that the one who has God, has everything. That is why I dedicated, gave and purified my entire life to that Supreme Being, to that living God, to that creative force. For him to assimilate his Holy Spirit in me and make me one with Him, just as He had previously done.  But he who unites himself with the Lord is one with Him in spirit; 1 Corinthians 6:17.  And just as He also said: “and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me”…Galatians 2:20.

Because I did not want to follow the road of sin, all I wanted was to belong to God, and God belong to me.  Well, I read in the Holy Scriptures that “Anyone who is born of God does not sin”; 1 John 3:9; because the seed of God is inside him and the one who was born of God keeps him safe, and the evil one cannot harm him; 1 John 5:18.  Therefore, and in compliance to that wish and desire of my soul, God has been using me powerfully through his Spirit in multiple ways and manners.  I have letters from people, even from other countries; that when I prayed for them by long distance telephone calls, cancerous tumors have disappeared, appearing later only scars in place of the tumor.  Not only in aspects of man’s daily life has this God who lives in me been using me powerfully but also in benefit of many families on earth.  If we deny the truth and effectiveness of these holy spiritual things, we would be making God a liar.

It is as simple as saying like Solomon: “Remove the dross from the silver, and out comes material for the silversmith”…Proverbs 25:4.  What man wishes from the Lord and searches for it with all his heart and soul is what they receive and reach.

I have many witnesses that can testify about my life and my works.  The one who does not know me, cannot say anything against, except…”I heard someone say about him”… It is unjust to comment against someone without knowing them.  And to know is: to have followed the course of my life, knowing my fruits, and my works.

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