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In order to differentiate God from evil, the false Prophet from the true Prophet, Jesus in his days said: "by His fruit you will know Him".



"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.  You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thislets?  Even so. Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them"...St. Matthew 7:15-20.  The fruit is His work.  Perhaps trying to logically elaborate Jesus also said: "These signs will assure all those who believe", that is, all those who have truly repented and converted. "And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons: they will speak with new tongues..." St. Mark 16:17.  With these signs the true believer, just and holy, will be able to identify the good tree. Jesus also said to His people, "But I have a greater witness than John's; for the works which the Father has given Me to finish the very works that I do bear witness of Me, that the Father has sent Me"...St. John 5:36.



With this same testimony we are trying to present Prophet Amos to the world: through his works, through his good deeds, through his virtues, these are the fruits of a good tree.  Jesus, in his days, wanted his people to understand that the work He was doing was undeniably God's way of demonstrating to them that God himself sent Jesus to work on Earth.



Following that same divine order we believe it is our responsibility to let the world know the works of this Holy Prophet of God, Amos.  Here is our humble website for your perusal. We are only going to publish a few of the testimonies we have experienced because it is nearly impossible to narrate all the wonderful, and unquestionable works of this Anointed Man of God that throughout 70 years manifested His fruit to us.



It was 1980, and in those days, the war in El Salvador permitted anything and everything.  If someone had an enemy you would go to the authorities and accuse them of being a military traitor knowing immediately that was the way they would rid themselves of an enemy because this meant the person would be persecuted by the military.  This is what happened to Rene Morataya.  An enemy of Rene's told the military he was a traitor, and consequently the military wanted to capture and kill him. 


Rene slept in the mountains for approximately seven months due to this situation.  His wife, Rosa Mejia, and his mother started to persevere in the Church, Pueblo de Amos, trying to seek comfort from all the pain they were suffering.  On one occasion when Amosito was visiting the country of El Salvador, Rene's mother visited the central church of San Salvador where Amosito was preaching that night.  She had not had the opportunity to talk to Amosito and tell Him her son's situation, nor had she told Amosito her son's name, when she approached Amosito.  Before she could speak a word Amosito told her to bring Rene to Him because He wanted to see him.  She was astounded because without saying anything to Amosito, He knew her son's name and asked to see him.


Immediately, Rene's mother looked for him in the mountains where he was hiding and gave him Amosito's message.  Rene felt relieved and the following Saturday went to visit Amosito.


Instantaneously upon seeing Amosito, Rene kneeled before him and started to cry inconsolably when Amosito reached for him and told him: "You don't have to tell me your problem because I already know.  As of tonight I order you to sleep in your house and not in the mountains, I will send angels and divine rays to take care of you and protect you so no one could harm you."  Rene Morataya went home with the faith that no harm would come onto him, and knowing that he would never have to sleep in the mountains again.


To confirm the Words spoken by the Holy Prophet Amos, one night the military asked Rene's best friend to take them to his house because they knew he was no longer in hiding.  His best friend could not do anything to warn Rene because it was already nightfall.  He knew he had to take them to his house because his own life was in danger.  Around one o'clock in the morning an army unit headed towards Rene's house.  However, upon reaching the house's location all they saw was an empty lot.  There was no house in sight.  They searched and searched to no avail because they could not find the house.  The lieutenant in command told his men to cease the search because, as much as they looked, they could not find the house.  Rene's best friend was astonished because he knew for a fact this is where Rene's house was located.  He could not believe what was happening, and left a stick on the floor where he remembered Rene's front door was located.  Later that morning, around 5:00 am, Rene's friend ran to his house looking for the stick he had left on the floor.  Much to his disbelief the stick was right in front of Rene's door. 


Amos' words were fulfilled that night saving Rene from certain death because Rene's house was invisible to the military and his best friend.  To further prove this miracle of God, one day, a member of Rene's family went to the authorities asking for Rene.  Upon searching the military archives they did not have a Rene Morataya registered.  Even the Lieutenant who feverishly looked for him could not remember who Rene was. Amos made him forget who Rene Morataya was, and from that day on Rene has lived a happy life together with his family thanks to the wonderful work done by this Holy Prophet Amos.







It was 1988, and the civil war in El Salvador was at its peak.  In a town known as "La Corriente", located in the volcanic zone of the Department of Usulutan lived 4 brothers and their respective families.  Rene Morataya and his children were faithfully persevering in the Church "Pueblo de Amos" as well as his parents, and several of his sisters.  His two brothers believed in our holy doctrine but were not faithful church members.  A few months earlier the Holy Spirit through a sister prophesized that there was great danger for the entire Morataya family, and told Rene to pray because the danger was in close proximity.


One early September morning the electricity was interrupted by the militants, something that was usual during this time of war.  This was a tactic used by them to perpetrate their maneuvers, and it was understood by everyone that an attack was close at hand.  However, for these families this morning would be very sad, full of pain and anguish, because approximately two minutes after the blackout, they heard bombs detonated so close that the earth shook from underneath them.  Rene and several of his children, who were awake studying at the time, heard the militants running towards their house.  He told his oldest son to stay exactly where he was saying: "Don't move, don't make noise, listen to how close they are to the house", and at that instant the running ceased right in front of their house.  Minutes later a LOC missile detonated.  The guerillas wanted to destroy the house and everyone inside.  They heard thousands of fragments fall around the house, and instantly smoke filled the room.  The children and adults alike screamed, AMOSITO, AMOSITO, AMOSITO, and at that moment the men of the house ran the rest of the family thinking the house would collapse and they were going to die.  However, Rene realized that although shaking with fear his family was safe.  He ran to check on his brothers because at that moment he understood that the attack was on his entire family.  His brother's house was completely destroyed, but thanks to the Mercy and Grace of AMOSITO no one died.  In a matter of minutes he heard more bombs landing on his other brother's house.  The guerillas threw a hand grenade a few feet away from where his brother was standing and shrapnel landed on him causing minor burns and injuries. 


Bombs landed on his parent's house, where his sister and baby niece were sleeping in a room.  His sister had approximately 38 shrapnel burns throughout her body and the baby was badly injured too.  However, a miracle occurred, despite of their injuries no one died.  THAT WAS A GREAT MIRACLE OF GOD. AMOSITO SAVED AN ENTIRE FAMILY FROM CERTAIN DEATH.  The prophecy was fulfilled, but nonetheless, God saved them from dying that night.


Due to the baby's injuries she was taken to an emergency room at a nearby hospital.  The doctors informed the mother that due to the severity of the child's injuries they were going to have to amputate her extremities.  The child's mother having great faith in AMOSITO took the child home where she continued to pray, pleading for mercy, and thankfully the child fully recovered without any complications.  Today, she is 20 years old and is grateful to AMOS for his mercy.


At sunrise, Rene was devastated when he saw the destruction around him.  All the houses were completely destroyed except for his. Incredibly a concrete wall, without concrete reinforced beams, prevented the missile from impacting his house.  The wall cracked on impact but remained standing as a reminder of God's miracle on that fateful morning.


The militants were captured and they confessed their intentions to destroy the entire Morataya family.  Because of this hideous crime they were incarcerated for several years.


This is an example that demonstrates the fulfillment of God's prophecy "even if 1,000 or 10,000 fall, no evil will fall upon you."


To this day the Morataya brothers have scars as a constant reminder of how they were liberated from certain death on that early September morning.  Today, the families are faithful church members giving Glory to this Almighty God who saved them that morning!!!




It was winter and the temperature was about ten degrees Fahrenheit. David Ocasio was a police officer for the City of New York. Perhaps, due to his job as a police officer, he had distant himself from the church. That night he was on duty in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. His work shift was until twelve midnight and it was nearly time for him to get off duty. David, who was almost freezing, decided to go up to an elevated train station heating booth on Marcy Avenue in Brooklyn to warm up. Suddenly, as he reached the platform, he heard gun shots coming from the street below.  Thinking that he had only two or three minutes left before going off duty he did not go down to investigate, instead he stayed on the platform trying to get warm.  He stood with his hands in his pockets, trying to avoid frostbite, when suddenly he heard footsteps.  He looked over towards the sound, but it was too late to react.


A tall gunman had a pistol on David's right temple.  He ordered David not to move or he would blow his head off. The gun was still hot and fuming. A police report later revealed that the gunman had just finished killing two people on the street below and hurriedly, trying to escape, ran up the elevated train station to board a train. But instead, he found the policeman and he held him at gunpoint before giving him a chance to get his hands out of his pockets. At that moment, David had no other alternative than to stand still and rely on his faith. He prayed to AMOS to save and free him from the gunman and from certain death.


In a matter of seconds, as the gunman's shaky hand was ready to pull the trigger, a miracle occurred. The gunman threw his gun aside and started screaming and shouting desperately: "Get me out of here! He'll kill me! He'll kill me!" David took advantage of the opportunity to handcuff him and place him under arrest. The gunman continued screaming that the man was going to kill him, and begging to get him out of there. David asked him who was going to kill him, and the gunman responded: "That heavenly creature over there with a crown of stars with a fiery sword, he wants to kill me"! At that moment, David realizing what was happening took out a photograph of AMOS from his wallet and showed it to the gunman. Upon seeing AMOS' picture, he panicked and started screaming even more.  He looked like a crazy man: "That's him, that's him, He is the one and He wants to kill me"! By this time, police reinforcement arrived on the scene, and congratulated David because, according to them, he had been able to overcome the situation and capture such a dangerous criminal.


But David knew very well who had saved him that night. He had not done anything. The vision the criminal had was so vivid and impressionable, that even under police arrest, the gunman had to be hospitalized in the psychiatric ward for a long time.




The news of PROPHET AMOS and his work had spread throughout the country of El Salvador, its towns and cities, mainly however, in its capital city San Salvador.  There a man very anguished by an incurable disease heard of the great news. He was an orthodontist, who was totally unable to practice his profession due to acute arthritis that had affected his spine, almost paralyzing him. The severity of his arthritis prohibited him from inclining his head. His legs were also severely affected. But the worse symptom of all, within the complications he had, was the arthritis in his hands which were almost totally deformed. Due to this terrible illness he could no longer hold any of the dental instruments and was obligated to practically stop practicing his profession.


But, fortunately, he found GOD on Earth. There is hope for salvation and health for the humble souls that embrace their faith in GOD with a true and clean heart. With this kind of faith, Dr. Fidel Marquez went to see the PROPHET. He had to be carried over to AMOS. AMOS placed his hands on this anguished and grieving man and rebuked the paralysis and the arthritis forever. Immediately after being healed by the HOLY SPIRIT he started bending down, leaning over and jumping up and down saying: "AMOS healed me, AMOS healed me, thank GOD". The Odontologist was radically healed. He  continued practicing his profession for many years and He was a very happy man together with his family in the PUEBLO DE AMOS CHURCH in El Salvador.


AMOS was lodging in a house located at Rahuizalco Street, Libertad Quarter in San Salvador. Unexpectedly, two women in distress came to visit Him. They immediately informed the PROPHET AND MESSENGER OF GOD of their predicament. Rosa Hilda, the wife of the sick man, told AMOS that her husband was in critical condition at a hospital nearby. His life was drawing to an end.


Sobbing uncontrollably, Rosa Hilda explained that the doctors were offering her husband no hope for survival from an incurable disease. She told him with great sadness: "They have only given him, at the most, two more months to live. We have two children that will stay fatherless".

Meanwhile, the other woman, who was the sick man's mother, was listening intensely to the entire conversation. When she had the opportunity she also pleaded to PROPHET AMOS on her son's behalf.


PROPHET AMOS explained to them that it is of utmost importance for them to assume their responsibilities with God, and always demand from Him with true faith. "It will be very simple for me to go and pray for your husband so that he can be completely healed", he said, "but the most important thing is for him to be healed and saved, as well as for both of you". Understanding the message that the PROPHET was giving them, that night they arrived to attend the service at the church and they both accepted the divine calling of the Holy Spirit.


Early the following day, they came to take AMOS to the hospital where Carlos Armando, (which was the name of the sick man) was being treated. AMOS prayed for him and rebuked in the SPIRIT's name the cancer in his blood. Prophetically He tells the patient: "Arise and Shine because the divine splendor has come to you. I rebuke the plague and I heal you". AMOS' visit to the hospital was on Wednesday and the following Saturday, Carlos Armando was discharged from the hospital. The incredible healing of Carlos Armando was something that the doctors were unable to understand or analyze.


Carlos Armando received medical orders to periodically attend an outpatient clinic. After several visits to the clinic, where analysis were done, the doctors' diagnosis revealed that Carlos Armando was completely healed. Carlos Armando, trying to obtain a logical explanation regarding his recovery questioned his doctors as to how advanced the medical and science technologies and techniques were in those days. But his attending physician responded to his questions saying: "Carlos Armando, do not accept science as your source of healing. In your case we were unable to cure you. This is a miracle of God, do not doubt it".




At a bus station in El Salvador, which it is called the "East Terminal", a luxurious and armored vehicle suddenly stopped to avoid running over a pedestrian who was trying to cross the street. The lady, Aurora, a fellow sister, stood motionless in front of the automobile. On her dress she was wearing a metallic brooch with a picture on it. It was a picture of PROPHET AMOS.


Three men that appeared to be military officers rushed out to assist the motionless lady standing in the middle of the street. One of them, the youngest, had a heavy Spanish accent, and the other ones were undoubtedly American. When one of them approached Aurora, he noticed her brooch which carried AMOS' picture. Immediately, screaming in English, he told his comrades: "It's him, that's him, He is AMOS!" He was talking with great emotion. By this time Aurora had recovered from her shock of almost being run over, and now with great curiosity approached the young officer who was pointing at AMOS' picture with such persistence.


The Spanish speaking officer explained to her why the young English speaking officer was in such a state of emotion. He detailed the following events:


It was during the month of November, 1989, when the gorilla war fares were taking place in the strongest most powerful attack against the military forces in El Salvador, especially in the capital city of San Salvador. These three officers were involved in a military mission on a helicopter. They had left the base to accomplish this mission. Approximately, ten minutes after they had initiated the flight the strangest event happened to them. A huge heavenly creature dressed in white with two beautiful wings, surrounded by a shining luminous circle intercepted the helicopter already in flight. It was a Divine Being. His face was radiant. He began to talk and told them with great urgency and with a strong and powerful voice: "Go back to the aircraft base and land immediately, because there are only a few minutes left before your helicopter crashes". The heavenly creature moved persistently in front of them, and again advised them saying: "I am AMOS, return immediately to your base". He repeated the same message three times and disappeared from right in front of them.


The pilot obeyed the heavenly being's voice and immediately returned to the base, confronting serious problems during the landing process. Once they landed, the helicopter did not function anymore. After the mechanical technicians made a thorough evaluation of the helicopter they found a serious mechanical problem with it and advised the crew that if they would not have landed on time the helicopter was bound to crash.


The Spanish speaking officer explained to Aurora that the impact of this vision was so strong for their American comrade that he had to be hospitalized for a couple of days due to stress. Now, in this bus station, he became aware that the Heavenly Being that had saved him during the military mission is the same One that this lady had a picture of on her brooch. Aurora explained to the Spanish speaking officer that AMOS is the PROPHET OF GOD on Earth. He translated her words to his comrade and the young officer began to repeat again: "He is AMOS, that is Him, He saved me". PROPHET AMOS was in El Salvador at the time the rebels initiated the attack.




During the years of 1983 through 1985, PROPHET AMOS' residence in Puerto Rico was located at 830 Jose B. Acevedo Street, Urbanization Los Maestros, Rio Piedras.  It was a large house surrounded by a balcony. While living at that house, a beautiful miracle was experienced by a family in Honduras. The story that you are about to read is another glorious manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit through His PROPHET on Earth. The experience was as follows:


It is 3:00 p.m. in Puerto Rico. While PROPHET AMOS was resting in his residence, the telephone rings and He personally answered it. It was a long distance call from the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras in Central America. A woman in distress called him because her fifteen year old daughter was scheduled to undergo an operation to remove a brain tumor the following day. The doctors advised the woman that the operation was very risky because a primary tumor had metastasized invading the surrounding brain tissues and nearby nerves causing severe damage. The monstrous tumor had caused her a lot of problems, such as: muscle weakness, loss of vision, speech difficulties, headaches, vomiting and impaired mental ability.


The doctors were very upfront with the teenager's mother as they explained to her, that with or without the surgery, the teenager's life was in great danger and that her possibilities of survival were extremely slim. The sixteen CT-scans and X‑rays taken of the patient had shown that the malignant growth was almost inaccessible and too extensive for complete removal.


With this type of diagnosis, we can imagine how painful and stressful the situation was for this woman and her daughter, Dulce Milagros. But something wonderful happened, Dulce Milagros' aunt, Norma Rodriguez, visited them the day before the surgery. This woman had also suffered from cancer when she first met PROPHET AMOS on his second trip to that country. At that time, PROPHET AMOS prayed for her and rebuked the cancer. She was completely healed by the Holy Spirit. Now, she was giving her testimony to her relatives urging them to call PROPHET AMOS in Puerto Rico. It was as if the doors of Heaven were opened when Dulce Milagros' mother heard this testimony. She instantly decided it was better to try contacting AMOS rather than not do anything to assist her daughter.


For that reason, she went with her daughter to a telephone booth to call PROPHET AMOS. With great sadness, she explained to God's Anointed One, the details of her daughter's illness. PROPHET AMOS asked her to put Dulce Milagros on the telephone so that he could speak with her and pray for her. After speaking with Dulce Milagros he began to pray for her, rebuking the cancer. He told her: "I heal you, my daughter. Be happy and peaceful because the cancer has been removed. Eat and drink with joy and happiness. Tomorrow, while you are at the operation room and the doctors begin the procedure, they will have a big surprise".


When Dulce Milagros finished talking to PROPHET AMOS, her mother observed a big transformation in her. She was laughing and talking, as if nothing was happening to her. She asked for food and ate enthusiastically.  She told her mother she was not experiencing anymore problems with her speech and her vision was no longer blurred. Later that afternoon she was admitted to the hospital, as previously scheduled.


Early the following day the doctors began the operation. When they opened her skull they were completely astonished by what they were seeing. It was extraordinary. The malignant tumor had disappeared, leaving in its place a perfectly healed scar. It was as if a masterful surgery had been performed on her brain. The doctors began to look at each other questioning themselves about this incredible surgery they were witnessing and could not find a rational explanation to the situation other than God himself performed the brain surgery.


When they informed Dulce Milagros' mother about the situation, she knew perfectly well that it was PROPHET AMOS who performed the masterful surgery by the power of the Holy Spirit. Both mother and daughter were happy and grateful to God for giving them the opportunity to find Him on Earth through his PROPHET, and for being compassionate enough to allow them to experience such a wonderful miracle.





During the second half of the 1970's decade, PROPHET AMOS' residence was located at 198 Grand Street in Brooklyn, New York. This powerful Church of God had expanded to some countries of Central America and also to Madrid, Spain. Maria Teresa Suarez, a native citizen of Spain and also a missionary of our church, was temporarily assigned to that city to take care of the incipient church movement that was occurring in that country. It was the year 1975, in the city of Madrid, Spain. This had been one of the coldest winter seasons in years. It was around ten o'clock in the morning, when Maria Teresa was praying at her house in Madrid. She was planning to visit one of the newly converted members of the church, named Manuel Bayo. While praying, she heard PROPHET AMOS' voice, strong and powerful, advising her to visit another family instead of Manuel Bayo. In His message, He told Maria Teresa to go immediately to Maria Bolaño's house. The Bolaño household consisted of a family of ten. At the time, the eldest daughter was only thirteen years old.


When Maria Teresa heard this Holy command, she immediately left to visit the Bolaño family as instructed by the Voice of PROPHET AMOS. When she arrived and knocked on their door, nobody responded. A next door neighbor told Maria Teresa that something peculiar was happening that morning.


Customarily, every morning the kids made a lot of noise and, this morning, she did not hear anything and had not seen them leave the house. At once, Maria Teresa understood there was something wrong, and began to knock on the door even harder. After a few frantic minutes the door burst open. The thirteen year old girl was on the floor almost dying. Maria Teresa rushed inside the apartment an immediately became aware of the situation.


The apartment was full of gas. She opened the windows and doors of the apartment and called all the neighbors for assistance. They rushed the entire family to the hospital where they received immediate medical assistance thereby avoiding certain death. Afterwards, they discovered that the husband had left to work early in the morning, and without realizing it he had left the stove faucets open after he hurriedly prepared his breakfast. Since it was winter all the windows were completely sealed causing the family to inhale the toxic gas for hours.


But, GOD guides his children from a distance, and this beautiful miracle was another manifestation of GOD, through PROPHET AMOS.  At the time that Maria Teresa heard His command and powerful Voice in Spain avoiding, by the HOLY SPIRIT, the death of an entire family, PROPHET AMOS was in the country of E1 Salvador.




There was an indescribable happiness and great joy among all the brothers and sisters in the church located in the country of El Salvador. PROPHET AMOS had arrived for his yearly visit. He was staying at the church's headquarters located at Al Volcan Street, Zacamil District in San Salvador.


It was the evening of December 15th, 1985. A group of the church members were very busy giving the final touches to the newly built temple, ensuring all details were completed before the inauguration, which was scheduled for December 24th. Although, they were working very hard, they felt extremely happy because PROPHET AMOS was going to attend the inauguration.


However, an unforeseen incident brought sadness to all of them during that evening. A twenty‑nine year old member of the congregation was painting the church's ceiling on an unsteady platform. Unexpectedly, without being able to avoid it, he moved and fell from an altitude of about 15 feet. When his head hit the concrete floor, he fell unconscious and completely motionless. It was a fatal fall. Nestor, the gentleman that fell, was practically dead. It was a matter of minutes before he could probably die from the horrible accident. But his parents, Rene and Lydia, missionaries of the church, did not lose their control. They knew PROPHET AMOS was there and He was their only hope. The brothers and sisters, who witnessed the accident, looked at each other as if transmitting a message amongst themselves, and they ran to get the PROPHET. He was just returning from the airport where he had gone to pick-up several brothers and sisters that had just arrived from Puerto Rico to attend the inauguration.


When PROPHET AMOS approached Nestor, He touched him to find his body was cold and stiff. He was without a pulse and was not breathing. PROPHET AMOS called him with divine authority saying: "Nestor, Nestor, arise because you are healed. I rebuke the hemorrhage and the death. You are alive, arise". It was as if an electrical charge ran over Nestor's entire body, because upon the PROPHET's command, Nestor quivered, opened his eyes, and exclaimed: "AMOSITO"!


The brothers and sisters picked him up from the floor, sat him down and he immediately began to vomit. Instantly, he had totally recovered from the terrible fall. He stood-up and walked without any difficulties. Nestor never suffered any side effects and there was no need for further medical assistance. GOD's wonders were manifested once again through His PROPHET on Earth.


Upon seeing that Nestor was completely well, the brothers and sisters continued happily to complete their tasks for the inauguration. Happiness was back in their hearts. 





In those days Elijah, the Prophet, blessed a widow's small portion of flour and oil with which Elijah and the widow's family ate from for an entire year while others died of starvation due to a devastating drought. Now‑a‑days, during this holy revelation of PROPHET AMOS on Earth, a similar situation occurred with a humble woman from El Salvador, in the town of Gualache, in the province of Usulutan.


Let us see: It was about 2:00 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon during the year 1987. This woman had joined the church, PUEBLO DE AMOS, in the town of Gualache. That afternoon she was preparing food for her family, when suddenly her cooking gas finished. She carefully checked the tank of gas and realized that the same was completely empty. Her son went to several places in search of gas and returned with the empty tank since it was Sunday, and in such a small town somewhat distant from the city, there was no place open to sell him gas.


Reconsidering the situation and understanding that she had joined the HOLY CHURCH OF GOD, she exclaimed with great faith: "I do have the powerful truthful God who can supply me with the gas I need". Without any hesitation she kneeled down and prayed in AMOS' name saying: "AMOSITO, fill my tank with gas, please fill it up because I need to cook for my family". Upon finishing her prayer she reinstalled the gas tank that was empty earlier. With such powerful faith she went to the kitchen and turned on the stove. The glory of God was manifested. The stove lit immediately and she was able to cook her meal. The greatest thing about this testimony is that after almost two years, our sister was still using the same tank of gas to cook with, the same one she installed that day she prayed in AMOS' name and the tank was filled by the power of God.



Magdalena Rosario is a diabetic woman. One unfortunate day, while she was walking barefooted in her house, she stepped on a thumbtack. Since her foot was already numb due to bad blood circulation, she did not realize the thumbtack was embedded in her foot. A few days later, her foot swelled and was turning a purplish/blackish color.  Due to this, she was in terrible pain. When her husband became aware of his wife's situation he took her to the Rio Piedras Diagnostic Center and because of her precarious condition she was immediately transferred to the San Juan Municipal Hospital. Her diabetes level was very high. Her foot was bruised, completely numb and she could not move her toes. The doctors said that there was nothing else they could do but to amputate her foot or perhaps her entire leg since she had developed gangrene and they were unsuccessful in their efforts to control the same.


When PROPHET AMOS was informed of Magdalena's condition, He immediately went to visit her at the hospital. After giving her a massage on her leg, He rebuked the infection and the gangrene with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. When PROPHET AMOS left the hospital the infection busted open.


Her leg started oozing pus and all the infectious substances started to spew out. It was a miraculous drainage. When the doctor examined her again, he said that God had performed a miracle on her leg. The fact that the infection had miraculously drained out saved her life.


Two days after AMOS had visited her, they discharged her from the hospital completely healed.





Maria Elena Mira was three years old, and at such an early age she was unfortunately sentenced to death due to a very serious illness. She was suffering from lepromatous leprosy.


A group of English dermatologists who were visiting El Salvador and had the opportunity to clinically examine the little girl, said: "Only if Jesus Christ Himself returns to Earth could this type of leprosy be healed, since He was the only one able to do so in ancient times".  The child's parents were completely devastated.


It was the year 1975, and they had just recently joined the Church PUEBLO DE AMOS. They were greatly concerned of their daughter's health condition. The only hope they had in their hearts was for AMOS' next arrival to El Salvador. He was scheduled to visit the church in San Salvador during those days. The things they had heard about Him made them have faith to believe that AMOS and Christ were both one and the same. Finally, the blessed day came when PROPHET AMOS arrived to El Salvador. It was the second time AMOS was visiting the country.


Immediately, upon PROPHET AMOS' arrival, the parents brought the child with her hideous and destructive disease to Him. Her skin was full of suppurating ulcers, and her body was rotten and completely putrid. This divine doctor immediately applied upon her, the medicine that never fails: THE VIRTUE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. With a marvelous prayer, He rebuked Maria Elena's sickness forever. Today, that little girl is an adult who is perfectly healthy, giving testament of her miraculous healing, and of her great faith in this Holy Man of God.  





Ms. Eva Quiroa, a business woman from Guatemala City in Central America, could no longer bear the terrible headaches she was suffering. The doctors who examined her diagnosed an internal progressive malignant melanoma tumor behind her eyeballs. This tumor had grown a little bigger than the size of an olive. The doctors recommended a high risk surgery, since there was the possibility the cancer metastasized and they would have to remove her eyeball in order to avoid the cancer from reaching her brain or other tissues. Eva was in a deep stage of confusion because she did not know what to do.


Fortunately, one morning while reading the newspaper, she came across an advertisement announcing the arrival of PROPHET AMOS to Guatemala City. The advertisement briefly explained all the wonderful miracles the Holy Spirit was performing through PROPHET AMOS on Earth. His picture impressed her very much. Eva instantly felt that there was hope for her, and decided to visit PROPHET AMOS at once.


When she was able to speak to PROPHET AMOS, she explained to Him her pain and anguish, and her fears of losing her eye because of the operation. AMOS placed his hands upon her and rebuked the tumor forever. When Eva left AMOS' residence that day her headache subsided. The following days she felt completely healed since her headaches never returned and were no longer bothering her.


After a few days, she had an appointment with her doctor, and although she did not like to attend these appointments, she kept this one. She explained to her doctor that she was feeling better. The doctor ordered x-rays and the results were very surprising to them. There were no signs whatsoever of a tumor behind her eyeballs. The doctor told his patient of the results. Eva's happiness was indescribable. She said with great emotion: "It was God which guided and illuminated me to look through the newspaper that morning. AMOS healed me". As stated by Ms. Quiroa, "Eva Quiroa is still completely healed".





Maria Elena Hernandez from Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., was suffering from the most serious and potentially fatal lupus type. The doctors diagnosed her with developing Systematic Lupus Erythematosus. They offered her no hope of recovery stating that this was an incurable disease.  Also, to complicate her situation even worse, due to her critical state of health she was not responding to any medical treatment administered to her. Therefore, there was nothing her doctors could do for her.


During those days PROPHET AMOS arrived to Los Angeles to visit the congregation of that city. When he was informed of Maria Elena's health condition, He immediately went to visit her.  With the power and virtue of the HOLY SPIRIT, He prayed for her and rebuked death. The glory of God was marvelously manifested. Within a couple of days, Maria Elena completely recovered from this fatal incurable disease. She is currently working, looking as if she had never been through such a terrible and near death crisis. All of this thanks to the powerful miracle God performed through AMOS. 





A one and a half year old child unexpectedly became very sick with an extremely high fever. Her mother tried to bring her temperature down but the same was uncontrollable. She took the child to the emergency room of the Rio Piedras Diagnostic Center. After the doctors examined her, they ordered the nurses to try to lower the fever utilizing all scientific methods available. However, their efforts were unfruitful because the child's temperature would not seize. Immediately, the doctors ordered several analyses, including blood tests. The laboratory test results indicated that the child had hemorrhagic dengue. The doctor explained to the child's mother the great risks of this type of dengue, especially in such a small child. After the diagnoses were given to the family, they called PROPHET AMOS, who was in the country of Guatemala in Central America at that time. They explained to the PROPHET the child's health condition, and the fact that the doctor had said that her life was in grave danger and were uncertain of her survival. At once, PROPHET AMOS prayed for her over the telephone and rebuked the dengue ordering it to disappear once and for all. It was almost 11:00 p.m.


The following morning the child awoke without fever. When the doctor arrived to do his routine visits he was completely astonished when he examined her, and confirmed that no fever was registered on the thermometer.  Especially when the night before she was so sick and they were unable to do anything for her since the child was not responding to the medical treatment administered to her.


Afterwards, he ordered new tests and the results showed that the dengue had entirely disappeared from the child. The doctor told her mother: "This is a real miracle, because all the laboratory tests we performed on your child yesterday, including the ones taken last night, indicated that your daughter had dengue. However, the recent tests performed earlier this morning indicate that the child is completely healed. Lady this is a miracle of God". The child was immediately discharged from the hospital completely healed thanks to the divine intervention of PROPHET AMOS. 





The church in the country of Guatemala was located at Fourth Street, Zone Two. It was a big church with a very elevated roof, and a large stairway. The roof had a small hutch on its edge. There was only a narrow passageway between the hutch and the aperture. Whenever they had the opportunity, the children would go up to the hutch to play.


During a vigil, one holy service night, about 11:00 p.m., an eleven year old girl went up to the hutch and began to walk through the narrow passageway on the roof. She stumbled with something, lost her balance, and fell through the opening. She landed in the interior yard smashing her body against some rocks. The fall was fatal. It was unquestionable, that due to the altitude she had fallen, she must have broken her arms, legs and most probably her vertebral column. She started to scream pitifully; writhing in pain.


PROPHET AMOS was in the parsonage located in Guatemala at the time of the accident and heard her calling him desperately saying: "AMOSITO, AMOSITO".  As soon as PROPHET AMOS became aware of the incident, He asked several brothers and sisters to bring the girl to Him at the hall of the Church. With extreme caution they brought Isis to the PROPHET. GOD's ANNOINTED ONE, sustained her in His arms and prayed for her, rebuking all the effects of the fall. He ordered all her broken bones to mend and return to there original position, and He rebuked the hemorrhage. As soon as the PROPHET prayed for Isis, she stopped crying and she was immediately healed. The pain in her entire body had disappeared.


Afterwards, AMOS suggested to Isis' mother to take her to the hospital for a medical check‑up.  Although the fall was fatal, the doctors found that the girl had no broken bones and no hemorrhaging.


Three days later, at the next religious service Isis was in the church completely healed thanks to the presence of God on Earth. 






Amantina Nuñez suffered a terrible fall in 1958, and since her accident she began to experience horrible pains on her back and waist line.


In 1962, she underwent several medical examinations, including x‑rays, which revealed that one of her kidneys were seriously affected due to her fall.


In 1973, a wonderful miracle occurred. It was a Saturday night, and Amantina arrived at the church very anguished because she was not able to bear the pain she was suffering. She explained to PROPHET AMOS her health problems. The PROPHET placed his hands over the affected area, and with the power of the Holy Spirit, He rebuked the illness, "forever", He said in his prayer.


Amantina felt as if a hot iron plate was placed on the affected area and the pain disappeared. That night, upon returning to her house, she felt the need to go to the bathroom, and while she was urinating she discharged two huge blood clots. It was as if the whole infection was coming out of her body. Over thirty years has passed and Amantina is still completely healed. She was radically cured by the powerful prayer of PROPHET AMOS.